Thanks be to God!

-          Min Kyung Woo


Even though it was such a short time that I was given a chance to serve at Bethany UMC, I am ever thankful because it has been a time of growth for myself and many of the members. In the beginning, it was a time of trying to connect and get to know the people. In the process, I learned that Bethany members are all in all talented, faithful, and full of heart for the church. Through spending time at camping or lock-in, I also learned that each individuals carry scars from the past and still struggle with many things to this day.

Basically, I had group of people who were full of potential and capabilities. Even their weaknesses and scars were part of who they were and I had faith that God could use everything about them. However, as I sought the Lord asking what my role is in their lives and for this body, I realized that they are in need of direction. Every chance I was given to speak, I did my best to suggest a direction in the word: to live for God’s kingdom to come in their lives and in the land that they live in.

In the winter, God gave the very opportunity to present this direction in depth to them.

In the Higher Calling Conference that many of the members attended, they were challenged to pray for their families, the city and the nation. They were taught to and given chance to share the gospel with others. They were encouraged in the Word to proactively take on the gospel vision to the nations. I was encouraged to see that after the conference, few of the members were trying to carry out the excitement for the gospel through committed actions in prayer life and witnessing.

When God had called me to Atlanta, he showed me that the harvest is plentiful yet the workers are few. Indeed, at church and campus, I have found many of these souls who are thirsty for the Lord but are in dire need of hands to reach out to them with God’s love and truth. I know I could not do this alone.

But thanks to God, He has led me to the beautiful community called Bethany UMC. It has been my prayers that this vision and spirit will be instilled in the hearts of each of the members so that their ownership will extend beyond this church to the community of Atlanta. As the time allowed for me in Bethany is coming to a close, I praise God who will bring the new season of Christ through the fire seeds that he is making out of each of the Bethany members.