His gifts include our very next breath

-      Jennifer Min


Last summer, our youth group went to Florida for our 2010 Summer Retreat, where I experienced His infinite love, mercy, and grace. Although sermons, praises, Bible study sessions, QTs, and other activities that we have done at the retreat were very blessing, I want to share an unforgettable event that I experienced at the retreat.

 During the Bible study session before the day I experienced His mighty grace, there was a short yet powerful sentence that struck me; “His gifts include our very next breath.” The sentence made me realize how oblivious I am towards His daily blessings. Even small things that I took for granted were specially sent to me as gifts from God. It also reminded me of how unthankful I am every day when there are innumerable things to be thankful for.

The very next day, our group went to Destin, and like the previous days, I went into the beach with the group. The beach was shallow, but there was a huge slope in the middle, where you had to swim through in order to get to the further part of the beach where it was shallow again. Because I didn’t know how to swim very well, I was afraid and decided not to swim through, and started to walk out of the beach.

Suddenly, I was pushed by the waves into the slope where I couldn’t reach the ground. There was no one around, and all I could do was pray and rely on God to save me. He was the first and the only one that came to my mind. I told Him that I was not ready to die yet because I wanted to be used by Him and to serve Him as an instrument for His Kingdom, yet I have not even learned my calling of this world. I prayed that only He’s the one that can save me.  As I was struggling to get to the shore, I was desperate to take my next breath. I realized how crucial it was to my life, and all I wanted to do was taking the next breath.

His gifts include our very next breath. He saved me once again from death, and it is a gift from God that I am living right now. I am more than thankful for His love and I pray that I will remain thankful as I encounter hardships and obstacles throughout my life. Though I am undeserving, I also pray that He will fully use me to advance and glorify His name, which will be the greatest gift that I can ever receive from Him.