To glorify his name in the way he designed me to do.

  My testimony starts about two years ago when I was “forced” to leave my church that I have been attending for 7 years. Before I left the church, I was known for volunteering for everything, from praise team to cleaning team I was there. When I got into college, it was time for me to leave the youth and go onto the college group. This transition was a very hard one for me because I did not feel welcome anywhere I went. I felt as if I was thrown out like trash and they did not need me anymore. By that time, my decision was already made. I was going to leave church.

Shortly after leaving church, I went on to find other churches that I can feel comfortable in. This was not an easy task for me because I was too used to the people at my original church. I searched hard, and ended up going to two different churches and leaving both of them in a short period of time. After leaving both churches, I gave up and fell into the worldly things. I fell into sin multiple times and fell into the things that church would not approve of.

One day, one of the church’s EM pastor contacted me to ask me if I would like to join them in a snowboarding trip. Out of love for snowboarding I said yes. When I was there we had a bible study, and in that bible study, we read a passage that basically explained that God is always there for you and it’s up to us to decide if we want any part of that. I felt as if my heart was turned away from God because I was scarred by what the church has done to me.

Shortly after the trip, I started to pray again asking God where he wanted me. God one day spoke to me saying that I was volunteering at church for all the wrong reasons; he wanted me to use the talents that he has given me to lead a church into his hands. Then I decided that I needed to focus on praise, but I still did not know which church I would end up at.

When I was still struggling with finding a church, Antioch called me to join in their praise team, shortly after; Rize up band called me to join in their praise team as well, not shortly after that, Bethany called me to lead worship there. From then on, I realized that if I leave my life to God’s hands, he will provide and he will show me the way to glorify his name in the way he designed me to do.